August 2010

Aaaaaand here is the first of the promised sketches. Oddly enough, I was coloring this over at Joe’s when some lady comes up to me and says, “Oh! That’s so beautiful! Do you know, your work reminds me a lot of Tom Huck’s!” My response was mostly eyebrow.

(If you’ve seen Tom Huck’s prints around the city, you understand my complete bafflement here).


The bodyguards and keen artistes among you may be thinking, “huh, I’ve seen this face before,” and you are absolutely correct. As unlikely as it may seem, this guy appeared only two posts ago. Then, he was undergoing some rather rough treatment, and preparing to return the favor with interest. This, however, is K’ab’a on a better day, when he has clothes and hair, and when a special someone also happens to be in the room. It makes all the difference, doesn’t it?


I’m home again for a bit, visiting my brother before he heads back and celebrating being able to see again. Trust me, whatever they say about blind people having heightened hearing and smell, sight is not overrated. If anything, it is quite the opposite.

At any rate, there are certain things that can’t be ignored about being home. This is one of them:


Scout Mornings aka "SNARF"

Disclaimer: no rulers were used in the making of this comic.

As usual, this can also be found at higher resolution on Autoclave Comics and DeviantArt. Also, since I missed a few updates while I was samblind, I’ll have some more sketches up on Wednesday. See you then!

Since my latest drawings are actually watercolors and are still drying, today you lot get something that’s a work in progress. As you can see, the inks aren’t done or anything, and since it’s on the grainy recycled sort of paper, it’ll ultimately be for my own amusement rather than any laughable attempt at professionalism.

This is someone I haven’t introduced before. Even had he not just woken up in an interrogation hospital with a splitting migraine and an iv of narcs, our friend’s expression wouldn’t be too much different. But I’ll let you in on a secret: in order to understand his temper, you need only know two things about him. First is his given name, which is K’ab’a. Second is that he is truly, desperately in love – something his language has no word for.

At any rate, I wouldn’t want to be the nurse or 300 lb SF thug who has to go back in there to hook him up again. K’ab’a’s anatomy is weird like that for a reason.

K'ab'a unfinished sketch

Today I skipped lunch to spend half an hour with my eye hooked up to an irrigation pump. Then they put this fluorescent stuff on it, which drained down my tear ducts. I’ve been sneezing iridescent green all afternoon. The techs also had fun dabbing litmus paper on my eyeball to check the pH every few minutes (it’s 6.8, in case you were wondering).

On the bright side, I now know there are other people in the world who know the IPA.