February 2011

So I was cruising Kate Beaton’s website, and suddenly there was a hole in my life of which I was hitherto unaware. It has now been filled, mightily.


Aaaand we have more science with this week’s Autclave comic. “Malaria Mommy” is what we call whoever has active cultures in the TC room. I learned from Chris, our TC specialist, whom we give a hard time about being a bad mommy. He’s not a bad mommy at all, but he’s such fun to josh that we give him a hard time all the time. Don’t worry, he dishes it right back at us :). Some day I would love to do a full comic series about all of the crazy things we talk about (the secret of flow cytometry, the Age of Pisces, tempo-challenged music, Southern Fried blots…), but there would never be enough time. Every day provides at least a handful of punchlines.

Anyway, here’s our latest promo poster:

Malaria Mommy

Because we have fun, too 🙂

Double click for full screen.


First, a shout out to Washington University, which finally canceled classes for an ice storm for the first time in over two decades. To add to that, an art supplies store is opening its doors this month within walking distance of the university. I figure this is happening at least in part to spite my former roomie, DC, who had to walk over a mile to the art school, carrying a portfolio, in multiple snow storms, and for whom the nearest art store involved something like a 6 mile trek. Sorry, man. But DC’s in New York City now, so I guess it worked out ok, then.

Still, I enjoyed the day off from TAing.

On to business:

As mentioned before, I love my new lab so much it’s some kind of ridiculous. I’ve been working there what, two weeks? It feels more like ten years. This week’s comic pertains to one of our little quirks: fun with the label-maker.

Marking Territory

Yeah, I haven’t lost anything yet. The best thing, though, is that no one seems to think I’m weird. After all, all of the pipettes are named things like ookinete, Jasper, Whiskey, merozoite, filariasis, and Teagan-Anne. Which goes to say that parasitology and literature coexist just fine.

As always, this strip can be found in higher resolution on Autoclave.