August 2013

Losing Seamus Heaney is a tragedy, but our language is richer for his having lived.

Maybe he’ll get confused and head into the West to America instead of Tír na Nog. One can always hope.


Between working on ebola, hantavirus, and leukemia in the lab, spending the weekends back-of-house at the clinic, and composing music for a long-awaited party, life here in the Bronx has been pretty stellar. Intensely focused, but grand all the same. Into that mix I threw a 2-week reconnaissance project in Myanmar for both VT and Einstein. The project will mature into what I would consider real work over the next few years. This visit, however, afforded plenty of time to get to know the country and its wonderful people.

Whenever we were meeting with people or in their homes, I  of course kept my camera off so – while those are the moments I most wish I could share with you – we’ll have to begin with some of what I encountered outdoors…

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There’s more to come as soon as I have the chance to get organized. Hope you enjoy!