May 2010

Simba Nap

So I was helping my mom clean up her 8-year-old Dell laptop today in preparation for getting a shiny new iMac. Not only does this mean an end to weird formatting troubles, slow startup, and bad coding, but it meant that I got to swipe all of the digital pictures I took way back when we were working in Tanzania. Well, to be honest, most of the pictures came from our week off, when we went around to several of the national parks. The above is one such example, when we were out in the middle of the Serengeti and Jim decided it would be a real bright idea to drive up  to the sleeping pair of lions and rev the engine. Let it be known that I did not second this action, but I did get a good picture out of it. Some of the others might be posted later, after I’ve tinkered around with cropping them.


Commencement was today, so congratulations to all of my no-longer-fellow students!  The address was given by Steven Chu, our secretary of energy. It was pretty cool to have a physicist on the stand. It was also pretty cool to have a jazz swing band for the music (they even did James Bond), though my Art School friends had a banjo do Pomp and Circumstance. Of course, now it’s all packing up and putting your goodbyes in boxes for another year.

Good luck out there, folks.

By unpopular demand, here are some pictures of the city. Really, I don’t walk about with a camera on me, so these show a definite bias towards the margins of my experience. 50-70 hours of what I see each week is inside the hospital, and I don’t think you want to see any of that (although I think I may have got my mitts on some blinding hot CatL data, with a bit of luck). The zoo and gardens are pretty much where I go for the occasional break.

Right now, I’ve got half my things boxed and need to get cracking on the rest. Papers are piled, clothes are pressed, books are stacked, but my sills are still overrun with effervescent flora, and to organize one section always begets a second mess. Again, with a bit of luck, it will all fall into place in time for an early morning start to my Eastward pilgrimage. The Adventure Car has been babied for the trip with an oil change, tire checks, and a vacuuming, but since my it has no stereo, I’m pimping it out with speakers and a web of laptop cords to make the 12+ hours of driving bearable. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow I have a presentation to the faculty of Internal Medicine. Tonight, I have inks.

The first is from Easter – the prawn and spidey were done by my painting major roommate, while I did the Avatar one (by the way, I really wish I could get my hands on one of those swipey computer screens). Spiderman I turned upside down so that even though his face is now the wrong shape, he no longer looks like a Conor Oberst song. Incidentally, I just read that the tradition of a clown registering its makeup on eggs didn’t begin until 1949. Somehow I thought it went farther back than that, but I suppose Clowns International wasn’t about then to keep track of it all.

The pen drawing started out as a pencil sketch of Rosanne Cash. I have no idea why I did it, but when the pencils started smudging out I figured I might as well ink it in. The marker drawing shares the page with Rosanne, and was mostly a test of whether I could still make myself draw with color rather than line. As the hair attest, this was not an entirely successful venture.

More sketches later. Bed now.

Easter Egg Mugshots



Not that it’s surprising that I haven’t updated on my personal Wednesday schedule, but I still feel poorly about it. Also about not reading and listening to the things I ought to, including some of my buddies’ radio shows. Simon Colt, The Human Chord, and Sky Pirates! have been running on our campus station, KWUR, for a while now, and are available streaming;  the Davids (who seem to be behind suspiciously many projects around here) even set up iTunes podcast and an update blog, which I will hypocritically demand you all check out. It’s pretty sweet, but I just…well, I just never get out of lab. Thus I have no non-murine social life. I look forward to streaming these guys during dissection days this summer, though. Hopefully they can take that as a compliment.

At any rate, since I haven’t been forthcoming with the promised sketch updates, you get a bit of an oneiric explosion today. These are among the sketches I’ve been doing as study breaks, and those of you familiar with Louise’s fantastic Sky Pirates! poster will immediately recognize two reasons why I started off talking about KWUR. The other two are just some critters of my mind, mostly related to Johann’s universe (and trust me, they feature in it much more prominently than he ever will). Perhaps someday you’ll learn more about them. For now, please ignore the fact that my scanner and I disagree on the subjectivity of hue.

Full size, adjusted images will go up on DA after exams, if those don’t kill me first. Two down means only three to go, eh?