I’ve been absent for a while for a number of reasons (moving, starting full-time at the hospital), but the least pleasant is that I’m in the final stretch of studying to take America’s most notorious exam. I’d been hoping to take it at the end of June. However, I overestimated the availability of testing sites, and wasn’t able to find a testing center within 3 hours drive of Saint Louis, a city where 10% of our metro area population is college/university/graduate/medical students and there are two major medical schools, that provided tests on the weekends (or even, on the earlier dates, on weekdays).

After checking out as many test dates as I could, I finally settled on a Thursday in late July in Springfield, IL. It means I’ll have to miss work (which will go on record as “unconfirmed sick day: migraine”) but, if I wanted to take the test on a Saturday, my site options were Oklahoma, Texas, Alaska, or Kuala Lampur. I think Sydney and Hong Kong may have been offered on one of the earlier dates, as well. Apparently the rest of the world hasn’t caught on to the idea of the full-time job.

At any rate, regular posting likely will not resume until after the test. In the meantime, here’s a mad science-y image to distract you:


If this doesn’t make much sense, google “next generation sequencing” or check it out on wikipedia. It’s pretty crazy stuff. Dead useful, too.