Hi, out there,

If you’re wondering what this site is about, I’m afraid I can’t give you a clear-cut answer. It was created for a compulsory freshman writing class, so a lot of the early posts are obvious responses to prompts, or even conversation with the teacher. After that semester, I decided to keep the blog up as a place to dump the occasional idea and to keep my more far-ranged family and friends somewhat in the know.

These days translations, rants, scientific tidbits, and poetry abound, with the occasional political commentary or photograph to add some spice. If any of that interests you, please stick around, and if you would like to use my translations, just shoot me a comment (I don’t mind so long as you ask first). Same goes for art. Prints of just about everything are available.

I hope you enjoy browsing around. If you should have any questions or suggestions, please comment; I love hearing from people. There’s a pretty decent set of links to check out, too, and I highly recommend the sites. They contain a pleasing supply of pretty artwork and razor wit.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Lauren Says:

    what’s the picture of?

  2. rhan Says:

    It appears to be of a Chinese-style bridge. It’s the default picture for the theme I currently use, and although I would rather put up a clip from one of my own photos, the customization page won’t let me. I guess we’ll have to deal with the mysterious misty bridge for now.

  3. rhan Says:

    …and now that I’ve tamed the quirks of that particular page, it’s a crop from a photo I took not too far outside of Dublin from the top of a tower where a particular Irish expatriate spent about two years totally losing his marbles. Kudos if you know whom I mean; shame if you forgot!

  4. rhan Says:

    …now it’s my windowsill sans bones.

  5. bA nAn A Says:

    o.o I want your windowsill. Bones included.

    Fantastic collection. I love meeting fellow collectors. Where do you find these?

  6. rhan Says:

    Thanks. These are all from the banks of the Thames right when the tide is almost low. There’s always interesting stuff down there, from bones to cut glass. Last time there was even a new bicycle half sunk in the muck. Always an education.

  7. fran Says:

    hai rhan………..

    blog kamu kren banget ya………
    aq juga punya blog ni dia rhan16.wordpress.com
    tolong di nilai ya ……….
    emang nama blog qta hampir sama tapi beda……..

    aq minta tips nya dong supaya untuk mendisain blog kayak kamu ni…….
    kalau gak kasih tau ya situs untuk mendisain blog wordpress.

  8. rhan Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t speak any indonesian.

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