Serious Science Links:

Me & Me Buddies:

  • AUTOCLAVE – DC’s an my (sporadic) joint comic venture.  DC’s portfolio site likewise rocks.
  • Library Thing online bookshelf – It’s a fun way to share nerdhood & good reads. Recommendations are always appreciated.
  • Other art and photography by yours truly can be found on Atpic or, more currently and to my deep embarrassment, on my DA page.
  • CFW Photography is Über Rat’s gallery, which is gorgeous.

Brilliant Comics:

  • These can now be found under their own tab. Enjoy!

Tangential links:

  • Amani – The site for Amani Home for Street Children in Moshi, Tanzania. Go.
  • Bolt City – Kazu Kibuishi’s website, full of fantastic news about the animation world. Home to the lovely comic Copper.
  • Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories , Instructables , & MAKE Magazine – crazy more fun for the tinkerer
  • Felaxx’s Gallery – Amy Kim Ganter-Kibuishi’s website and home to what I still hope will become one of the best printed comics: Reman Mythology.
  • Hassan Massoudy Calligraphy – Calligraphy means, literally, beautiful writing. Massoudy, whose work was on display a few years ago at the British Museum, takes the already graceful Arabic script and transforms it into breathtaking art.
  • Space Quotes to Ponder – an awesome little page with quotes by many people smarter than I on why space exploration is essential. It’s curated by Sylvia Engdahl. How cool is that?