July 2010

Now that I’m back and have commodities like internet, phone, indoor shower, and so forth, I thought I might give you guys a taste of last week. As I mentioned in my last post, I spent 5 days volunteering out at FloydFest, which is hands down the coolest music festival out there these days. You should all come.

Every year I get to see my buddies from years past and make a slew of new friends to the backdrop of killer bands and the Blue Ridge Parkway. If I’d had a schedule going into it this year, it may have looked something like this, only fuller:

Things To Do

As usual, there’s a higher resolution image up on Autoclave, and an even higher one up on DeviantArt (I thought some fellow FloydFest guys might get a kick out of wallpapering this one).


For once, I’m actually going to post ahead of schedule. I’ll be out in the middle of the woods with a bunch of other happy-go-lucky nutjobs, living in a tent with no cell reception – much less internet – helping to run the best music festival on the East Coast.

No internet equals no update, right? Not this time.

This is some more photography from good times spent bumming around central Europe. The statue is from the old city of Prague, off an alley partway up the hill.


Extra art this week! I just posted this as a print on DA, actually. Thought you might like to see it.

I shot this a little south of the museum district in Vienna, I believe. It was the old man’s descent through such a classical world towards that modern machine that caught my eye. For me, motorcycles epitomize modern Europe, how the old and new coexist and adapt to one another so gracefully.

Hope you enjoy.

Sunday Travels

Here is my Autoclave submission for the week, plus a few extra goodies for you guys. Funnily enough, I’ve been finding that I have much more material for journal comics than a biweekly posting would permit publishing. Perhaps I can streamline my drawing process and build up a good buffer for when thesis writing hits this fall. For now, though, it’s just sketches from my notes and notebooks. The faces and flowers are all shown at approximately twice the original size.

This comic takes us to my lab (which never looks this tidy) during the recently concluded World Cup. My PI, who provides the dialogue for this strip, wore her van Nistelrooij jersey and orange shorts all week. Still, it was impressive to see her clear 3 feet as she sailed past our door after the semifinals.

Once again, I bring forth my failings for your enjoyment:

I just got an email forwarded from one of my Mom’s friends in study abroad who’s prepping for her trip to the UK. RadioShack was trying to convince her that she needed to buy two different converter plugs for UK outlets, so they decided to ask me before purchasing. In good faith, I emailed them back with all the info, but as I clicked send, I realized that I had just made a terrible, geekalicious pun. Behold the email:

Hi, Mom,

The only plug they should need for England is the 3-bladed (type G or BS 1363) one. The 3-pin (type D/type M or BS 546) is only used occasionally for central-switch domestic lighting, so they should never run across it.

Of course, if they plan on going to India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, or Ghana at some point, it might be worth buying one, as that’s the standard.

But yeah, RadioShack is full of BS 🙂


*facepalm* This may show up on Autoclave someday.

Well, hey there. Guess what? That’s right, I’ve got a new sketch update for you guys. Once again, it’s Felix. Actually, I might as well go ahead and introduce him fully; this is Felix Lucien LeBraz. He’s a congenital thorn in the side of everyone he can’t afford to piss off. Maybe that’s why he’s such a plumber, but he has a heart of….um, something, certainly. Not sure I want to dissect that one, really.

Anyway, the title is true. I think Felix knows he looks good brooding.

Felix L. LeBraz

Oh, also: