April 2013

My friend Rave and I took our pharmacology textbooks to the gardens this weekend and…didn’t get that much studying done. It was a beautiful day when the cherryblossoms were in full storm, so we took off our shoes, ran around in the grass, climbed trees, and had a great time. We weren’t the only ones out enjoying the sun, either. I snagged Rave’s camera a few times to capture the spirit of the day:



One new thing I noticed while halfway up a cherry tree was the chickadees. The chubby little guys were hopping from twig to twig, nibbling the flowers. After plucking one, they’d hold it against the branch, nibble out the pistil, then let the rest of the flower float to the ground. You could follow them by the steady flowerfall as they progressed along the branches like studious little cherry accountants.

The birds were certainly more productive than we, although I did manage to get a chapter read and a problem set squared away, as well as helping some guy with his home gardening questions. However, it was some of our fellow visitors who discovered the best use of the afternoon:

first day of spring

First Day of Spring
nothing better than a nap

It’s amazing how completely you can forget that you’re in the Bronx when it’s a sunny spring day on the garden hill.


Well, here’s what’s going up in the anatomy department. Pretend in your mind’s eye that all of the names and initials are in brilliant metallics.

Convocation Tree

Convocation Tree

As usual, there is a higher-res image up on my DA page, which you can find here. Also, a thought for the day: Go Hokies.