Aaaaaand here is the first of the promised sketches. Oddly enough, I was coloring this over at Joe’s when some lady comes up to me and says, “Oh! That’s so beautiful! Do you know, your work reminds me a lot of Tom Huck’s!” My response was mostly eyebrow.

(If you’ve seen Tom Huck’s prints around the city, you understand my complete bafflement here).


The bodyguards and keen artistes among you may be thinking, “huh, I’ve seen this face before,” and you are absolutely correct. As unlikely as it may seem, this guy appeared only two posts ago. Then, he was undergoing some rather rough treatment, and preparing to return the favor with interest. This, however, is K’ab’a on a better day, when he has clothes and hair, and when a special someone also happens to be in the room. It makes all the difference, doesn’t it?