November 2008

I have a wee bit of time before I go back to studying, so I thought I would say ‘allo and happy post-Thanksgiving. Advent starts tomorrow, of course, and I broke down and started playing Christmas music last night, but my stomach is still dwelling on Thursday. We made a Simon & Garfunkel turkey this year and also cranberry sauce from scratch, which is really the only way to do it. Some cranberries, sugar, orange, nuts, spices…Actually, that’s something one could conceivably make in the dorms, so I might have to hit the grocery store again and finish my lab reports in the kitchen tonight. ¬†Also, I think I might be hitting the Instructables site up for Christmas and whatnot. If you like tinkering, it might be a dangerous but remarkably satisfying forum for you.

At any rate, happy start-of-the-holidays.

90 years. We still don’t have world peace, but we are working on it. Rest in peace.

Sooo. With the time conversion, I turned 21 late last night. I plan to spend today partying it up in the library with my Stats textbook. No good times like 2-PropZInt times! If it gets really wild, I might even go up to the Mesoamerican Archaeology stacks on the third floor! But shhh! Don’t get too excited.


All considered opinions matter, so hie thee to thy polls. If you don’t know where they are, they’re here. If you are in line by 7:00, you have the right to vote.

What are you waiting for? I’ve nothing else to say until the results are in, so don’t look at me. Go out and vote already.