March 2008

Welcome home, guys!

Finally, we have someone – someone who makes ‘politician’ no longer a dirty word – who has brought our country’s greatest challenges onto the stage and is addressing them with frankness and intelligence. I say “is addressing” because this speech is not the final word. It pulls racial tension out from the darkness behind our eyes and says, “Here. This is something we all are familiar with, no matter what race we are, what class we are, what gender or what party. And it’s not something politicians want to discuss. However, we need to do more than just discuss it; we need to address race and its effects on our society and our political system. Without that attention, that action, we do not move forward. We will not settle everything in one election cycle or with one candidate, but we will never progress if we skirt and hide the issues that we face. Here is where we begin.”

And now we have begun.

If you have not already listened to the speech, set aside about 40 minutes and go here.