Darwin Haiku Wednesdays

This is  this week’s Autoclave comic. Always with the good times!

I wrote this haiku quite a while ago now, but forgot to put it up on the Darwin Bioku Wednesdays posts. SPONCH is the biologist’s mantra: the six major elements of life. C6H12O6, N for amino acids, P for phospholipids, Sulfur for cysteine…


My final few DHWs seem to have gotten lost in the ether, so you’ll have to pardon that until I have time to fix it (post-finals). In the meantime, here’s a bit of something I did as a biochem study break. The people and associated beings are from Gunnerkrigg Court, which I highly recommend.

flora et fauna
geology and debate
Wallace and Darwin.

Does anyone remember learning about this young whippersnapper, off in the Amazon and the Indian Ocean coming to the same conclusions as the eminent Charles Darwin?

One envelope lost,
would we now be honoring
Alfred R. Wallace?

The birds and their beaks
feathering enlightenment
do they preen, singing?

Yet another poetical tirade against social darwinism and eugenics. Honestly, people! Why do you make up slag to prop up your insecurities? Can’t you be bothered to collect legitimate data and *le gasp* come to a novel conclusion?

The cous mistook Charles
heeding only the Malthus
sowed seeds of terror.

Next week it’s permanently back to the fun stuff – never fear!

This may be my favorite poem of the lot. As strange as he may have been, Thomas Henry Huxley is one of my heroes. Aldus was pretty nifty, too, but I’m just sayin’. Hux had it goin’ down.

The greatest debate
finding who rolls with the ape
Boy, you just got Hux’d!

with apologies to Aaron Diaz.

Here’s a second, more user-friendly stab at Hitler’s fearsome, catastrophic love affair with Galton’s eugenics program. As you can see, I don’t truck with “social darwinism” or any other form of racism. There will be more where this came from, though since this is a celebration of Origin and its author, most of the remaining weeks are happy and comedic. Props to anyone bold enough to comment in haiku 🙂

Adolf read Galton
those baseless misconceptions
what if he had not?

Over on KTS, I think I titled this “War and Peace” in a moment of sleep-deprived witlessness. I’m still sleep-deprived, as always (did you know that increases your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease? I’m hoping the language study, cinnamon, and crosswords will counterbalance these unwilling nocturnal tendencies), but “Delusions II” can’t be any worse. None of these get titled on the bio-ku wall.

Three weeks! This poem is a little punchier than the previous ones, which I happen to like. Still badly written, but what the hay.

Tortoises debate
Apes and ancestors unite
Darwin and Huxley

A newer and slightly better-written (read: more esoteric) one incorporating the Buddhist schooling we’ve been getting in Japanese lit. It may have been scribbled on my notes about Heike Monogatari, but it is about bio, I swear.

The bells of Gioi
ring for the blind processions
sight through time alone.

And, wow! 3 haiku for 3 weeks! Here’s an updated version of that one that may be even more impenetrable.

Bells of Gioi ring
unheeded by the pilgrims
yet sight comes through stone.

A bio-ku for the second week of Darwin Haiku Wednesdays:

Mockingbirds, finches,
strata and island fossils
birth of an era

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