February 2013

This was a rough week, so all I have for you is some eye candy that was promised a while back. This is Sam, a snark master from one of my favorite stories, Kaspall. This isn’t the first Kaspall-related piece I’ve done – you may remember the Veritarc and Mr. Jumpy – but it was great fun to try color, for a change.

Sam I Am

Sam I Am
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The grumpy dude is Sam, who has a fidgety relationship with his robot eye. The kind person who’s saving the eye from further abuse is Sam’s roommate, a nice little chap named Alex.

6×8″ watercolor & india ink with prismacolor pencils

EDIT: Welcome to everyone dropping in from Kaspall! Apparently there was some telepathy going on there, since Lucy and I updated our sites with the same artwork just about simultaneously. If you’re looking for some new art, though, colors for the Coyote inks will be up in a few days 🙂 If you’re impatient, there’s some new work on my DA, too.


Well, I had fun today. Given that I handed in a 9-page experimental exam yesterday, I rather feel I deserved it. You should go out and have some fun, too. C’mon – tomorrow is New Year’s, after all!

Finally! The awesomest upper limb mnemonic is fit for print! So are the branching mnemonics, though they are less fun. I have also added one of my own devising to help me remember how all the bones/VANs/compartments relate in the forearm. Happy studying?

Real Therapists Drink Cold Beer

The brachial plexus gives rise to the set of nerves that supply the arm and forearm. I wish you could dissect it for yourself, because let me tell you, this thing is beautiful! The brachial plexus is as intricate as the cranial nerves are dizzying. Tracing its reticulations is fairly straightforward, but sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all the functional parts of a 3D network. That’s where real therapists help us out; each of these first letters stands for a successive functional portion of the network: Roots (C5-T1 ventral rami), Trunks (upper, middle, lower), Divisions (anterior/posterior), Cords (med., post., lat.), and Branches (godawful lots).

So, how does one address the godawful many branches? Behold:

LML (lateral cord): lat. pectoral nerve, musculocutaneous nerve, lateral root of the median nerve. Frankly, I prefer remembering it as LLaMa.
ULTRA ULNAR (posterior cord): upper subscapular, lower subscapular, thoracodorsal (nerve to latissimus dorsi), radial, axillary
M4U (medial cord): just in time for Valentine’s day, eh? Medial pectoral, medial cutaneous nerve of arm, medial cutaneous nerve of forearm, medial root of median nerve, ulnar

And all that stuff about compartments? Here’s how I began:
Um, Right or Left?

In anatomical position, the ulna is medial and the radius is lateral. Once you start pronating and all that good stuff, all bets are off, so know your stuff! 😉