August 2012

As a preface to this sketch, I must say that if you are unfamiliar with Tom Siddell’s Gunnerkrigg Court, you should fix that. This here is a little bit of fan art for one of the many fantastic personalities surrounding the Court.

My brother and I grew up with stories of the trickster Coyote, so it was initially strange to see him in the context of such a European comic. However, he lives up to his reputation beautifully, with his own agenda, humor, and questionable ethics.

Sometimes I get the impression that he is the only character who knows precisely what is going on. Ever noticed how the tricksters and fools are the wisest, most perceptive people around? That’s Coyote all over.

So here’s to the Trickster!


(click or visit DA for better resolution)

This was drawn and inked when I was in London this summer, were I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Siddell at the MCM Comic Expo. He was kind enough to draw Boxbot and Mort for me, so this is something by way of a thank you. (Fortunately that sketch was one of the few that wasn’t stolen during my move! It now has pride of place on my book wall.)

The original for this is ~3.5×5.5 micron on watercolor paper. Someday, it may even be painted. Pigs could fly – though the wingspan would be ridiculous – but for me it’s back to lab and lecture. Pretty soon we start working for the Echo clinic, as well, so it may be some time before the next update. Tutaonana baadaye!

St. Paul's time

St. Paul’s time

This week I’m being treated to an unusual contortion of time. Normally it either flies or crawls, but now I have a fleeting period where the hours crawl by.  My labwork is on a 10-day wait step, and only two of my grad courses even meet this week, so there is plenty of time in the day (finally!) to rest up, get over my cold, and lounge on my sofa reading Girl Genius and eating cookies. Even mad scientists need some downtime, alright?

V&A time

Victoria & Albert
museum clock

It ends Friday with the introduction of Physiology to our course list. Then next week all experimental heck breaks loose. Then we add our first straight medical class and enter exams. Really, it’s just going to spiral from there into insanity.

What’s worse, I can already hear the ticking.

Before that, however, I have a tidbit for you in addition to the photos above, both of which are from London this summer. (Really, all I need out of my weekends is unlimited admittance to the Pergamon, V&A, and all those other fabulous museums.) I’ve now ventured into Manhattan for art supplies and have a few new pieces in the sketch phase, but for the moment I hope you enjoy revisiting these guys:

Sea's Revenge

Sea’s Revenge
(click for larger image)

Although I was finally able to hijack the library scanner for this, I no longer have editing software on my computer (yeah, yeah, I’ll go download gimp at some point). Apologies for the unmatted presentation here. It’ll get fixed eventually!