Evening at Shwedagon

Evening at Shwedagon

As you read this, I’ll be taking the 8-hour USMLE Step 1 boards. That brings us to the end of our sanity update run, and I’m going to take some time off – it might take a while to readjust to daylight, walking, and talking English as opposed to the bastardized Latin of my peers. There’s an adventure and a small (judicial history, believe it or not) project planned for the next few weeks, then July brings the start of my PhD thesis research. Back in action at last!

Thank you all for sticking with me thusfar – I’ll see what can be done about future adventure updates. Take care!

rain crows

There appears to be no corner of the world inhospitable to the corvidae. This one greeted me my first morning in Yangon.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels in Yangon.

Let angels sing thee to thy rest. No better place for a nap, I’ll wager.

Anatomy of a Stupa

Inside one of the plentiful shrines and towers of the Shwedagon temple complex, I found one in which the supporting structure hadn’t been bricked and gilded over. The contrast of minimalist teal and lathe with the traditionally ornate, bejeweled angels lent the pagoda something of the Met’s ambiance.

In truth, I’m not sure whether that would really be the understructure of a stupa. It looks a bit more like what’s called the “umbrella,” but my knowledge of Buddhist statuary & architecture is too limited to be sure.


Just down the street from Shwedagon Pagoda in downtown Yangon, this angel and a lake of turtles guard supplicants at their shrine.