Evening at Shwedagon

Evening at Shwedagon

As you read this, I’ll be taking the 8-hour USMLE Step 1 boards. That brings us to the end of our sanity update run, and I’m going to take some time off – it might take a while to readjust to daylight, walking, and talking English as opposed to the bastardized Latin of my peers. There’s an adventure and a small (judicial history, believe it or not) project planned for the next few weeks, then July brings the start of my PhD thesis research. Back in action at last!

Thank you all for sticking with me thusfar – I’ll see what can be done about future adventure updates. Take care!


Shwedagon, seen from the Sony Tower.

Last day studying!

Mandalay Hill

Make that a party

Mandalay Hill Monks

…but it’s always better with a friend.

Mandalay Hill Reflection

A nice evening for some solitary reflection.

Down the Mountain

Some weeks ago I posted a shot of ascending the stairs at Pindaya. This is the view from the other end of the stairs. This is only maybe the top quarter of the climb, so we were extremely relieved to find that shortcut. The stairs may wrap the mountain like a web, but evidently we weren’t as strong as Pindaya’s legendary spider.


This nun and her friend tend a monastery shrine up in Shan State, providing tea and snacks for all of the visitors. An unusual occupation, but much appreciated. They also had the most advanced water system I saw outside of Yangon – I wish I could have asked more about it.