orchid sellers

Orchids have many uses in both medicine and cooking (used any vanilla lately?), so live orchids are a hot commodity at the market in Aung Ban. I’ve mentioned the deforestation problems previously, along with Kandawgyi national botanical gardens’ conservation efforts. People like these orchid peddlers would probably be the most productive collaborators, since they have a real stake in the biodiversity. Teach them how to grow and propagate the species, and you’ve got a pretty solid start to a conservation/repopulation scheme.

Mandalay Hill

Make that a party

Mandalay Hill Monks

…but it’s always better with a friend.

Mandalay Hill Reflection

A nice evening for some solitary reflection.

Tree Walker

Although we visited Myanmar in the rainy season, I almost never unfurled my umbrella. In this case, the tree was more than enough cover.


Since I was late on Tuesday, have the color version, as well:

Tree Walker color

Tree Walker color

Down the Mountain

Some weeks ago I posted a shot of ascending the stairs at Pindaya. This is the view from the other end of the stairs. This is only maybe the top quarter of the climb, so we were extremely relieved to find that shortcut. The stairs may wrap the mountain like a web, but evidently we weren’t as strong as Pindaya’s legendary spider.


Handy for rain and sun A lot of the peddlers sport these all-weather hats. The basic design is quite attractive, but I’ve also seen some with rather intricate designs.

Whoops! Forgot what day of the week it was, there. These days it’s all the same: 6-7 wake up, attempt coffee and hygeine simultaneously –> review Pathoma –> review First Aid –> food? –> USMLE World questions into the evening –> cure 3am insomnia with pharmacology flash cards. Well, it’s a life of sorts.