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work in progress

work in progress

This has been in my ‘incomplete’ pile for ages! I roughed it back in college some time, possibly as early as sophomore year. It was meant to be an experiment in pencil texture, just ’cause. Then I went on study abroad, so it didn’t get any love at all until senior year, when DC and I were flatmates and I needed something to work on during drawing/punk rock nights. But then I had to ramp it up for my thesis, and then I was working three jobs, and then malaria, and then…well.

Fast-forward through a thousand miles of U-Haul and one hell of a wild year.

While rifling through my sketch pads to select one for the memorial piece, I found this in an unloved corner. Since the anatomy gig requires a pretty rapid turnaround of pieces and I haven’t worked with mixed media in awhile, I needed some pencil practice. (Good excuse, isn’t it?) So, last night, I cranked up some Dream Theater and had me some pencil time.

Here’s where it was when I went to sleep last night, since then, I’ve been mulling over alternate titles. Your vote would be appreciated:

  • ICU – sound it out, Avatar-style
  • Critical Care – because this scene contains bromance. In fact, it’s bromance central.

BTW I finished the coloring job this afternoon over coffee and a sandwich. It’s one of my personal favorites (the flaws in the old bits are forgiven – I’ll scan it in after work tomorrow), but the titling dilemma remains. What to do?