This was a rough week, so all I have for you is some eye candy that was promised a while back. This is Sam, a snark master from one of my favorite stories, Kaspall. This isn’t the first Kaspall-related piece I’ve done – you may remember the Veritarc and Mr. Jumpy – but it was great fun to try color, for a change.

Sam I Am

Sam I Am
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The grumpy dude is Sam, who has a fidgety relationship with his robot eye. The kind person who’s saving the eye from further abuse is Sam’s roommate, a nice little chap named Alex.

6×8″ watercolor & india ink with prismacolor pencils

EDIT: Welcome to everyone dropping in from Kaspall! Apparently there was some telepathy going on there, since Lucy and I updated our sites with the same artwork just about simultaneously. If you’re looking for some new art, though, colors for the Coyote inks will be up in a few days 🙂 If you’re impatient, there’s some new work on my DA, too.