After a loooong day of anatomy finals, in which we thought of nothing else from 9am to 4:55pm, the semester is blissfully ended. Of course, we start up again in the lab on the 2nd, so it isn’t truly over. However, I’m willing to take whatever reprieve they offer.

As celebration (I’m not sure of what; anatomy is awesome), my buddies and I went out for a rainy night of karaoke. Perhaps it’s a New York thing, but the selection was completely off the wall. Admittedly, I’m not much of an American pop person – I’m more likely to sing Tarkan or AR Rahman in the shower, and maybe some Jonathan Coulton classics – so I usually stick to solids like Iron Maiden, The Who, & Hendrix in public. Amazingly, while this place had a songbook 4″ thick, there was nothing from these guys, or even “Life Goes On.” In fact, the only thing I wound up knowing was “Boy Named Sue.”

I don’t think my friends had ever suffered through a poorly sung Johnny Cash remix before. I should probably apologize.