I’ve heard from several of you who have already managed to work the words from last lesson into daily conversation, even if it involved calling a certain professor a crump. Well done! Now, let’s step it up, shall we?

Kakistocracy – the rule of a society by its worst/least-qualified citizens. We had a good time with this word on Monday when combining a kidney dysregulation lecture with politics.

*Borborygm – keeping with the physiology theme, this is a medical term for a rumbling in the bowels. Sounds just like it, don’t you think?

*Gongfermor – a nightsoilman, dunnykin driver, or emptier of cesspits. By law, they were only allowed to operate at night, for *ahem* solid reasons. However, it was an industry at which you could make a decent amount of cash, provided that you didn’t mind the social ramifications.

Lumpkin – a clumsy blunderer, possibly a bit thick, besides.

Glabrous – smooth, free from hair or down. This could refer to the skin (a glabrous pate, perhaps? It amazes me that a word can feel shiny) or to leaves that don’t have any fuzz.

Remember, the stars are for extra credit! Let us all know of your triumphs. While I’ll be out of town for the next few days (celebrating the wedding of two of my friends with bowling, card games, and good times, then studying for two exams 8P ), I’ll get back to you guys next week.