What with Sandy and exams, it’s been pretty busy lately. However, since one can’t always be studying, I’ve been trying to recruit my friends to help me bring back some of the funner words in English. So many of our best insults have fallen by the wayside! It’s a shame, really.

I’m putting together a series of notecards as biweekly/monthly bingo sheets; full marks if you can work every word into conversation at least once, with bonus points for extraordinary examples (marked with *). For you guys, I’ll make the updates more frequent, but a little smaller. Now, on to lesson 1:

Spatherdab – a foolish, gossipy sort of person. Someone who just can’t keep their trap shut.

Diablotin – an imp

Caynard – a sluggard (not to be confused with the French word for duck. Happily, this means that you can call someone a caynard canard and probably get away with your teeth intact :D)

Doughty – brave and persistent, but verging on comedic (somewhere between Don Quixote and an incumbent bureaucrat in late October)

Vespine – waspish

Crump – a crooked person (physically or morally). Specifically, this came to mean someone who could be paid to swear for your character in court. Strangely enough, this nastiness relates to the tasty pastry, the crumpet, which is also all curled up on itself. Weird world, eh?

**Floccinaucinihilipilification – (flocksi nausi nihili pili fication) the act or habit of estimating something as worthless. Yes, this is actually a real word, in use since the 18th Century. Blame Eton College.

Ok. That’s our go-list for the moment. Bear in mind that use of these words may worry your family and cause strangers to back away slowly, but that’s the fun of it! I’d love to hear about your conversations, and will give you some more fun treats next week. Good luck!