Hey and welcome to all of you fellow grad students who are visiting through the blog shindiggity that Sherrie started!

By way of introduction, I’m an MSTP student at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, currently interested in mad science. We won’t declare labs until next fall or summer after next – i.e. after USMLE Step 1 – so I’m keeping my interests open. That’s served me pretty well so far, as a general life strategy. My previous work has covered embryonic gene expression for Arabidopsis bioinformatics, Drosophila gene finishing and annotation, metabolic disorder characterization, and (for the past 2 years) malaria basic bio research.

I was sad to leave my lab at WUStL, but it was getting to be time to move on, and Einstein is the best place I could possibly have gone. No doubt there will be rough patches and all the ups and downs of science being…well, y’know…science. However, this is a fantastic place to gear up for the research to come, and I’m looking forward to the next 8 years.

If you stick around, you’ll find that my posts swing through all sorts of topics. When not researching or studying, I draw and paint a fair deal. I’m also a violinist with a history of classical, Celtic (all 4 nationalities), and mariachi music. I’ve been throwing a little Roma into the mix and just joined a jazz ensemble, so I might finally post some recordings for you all. There will also be book recommendations, photographs from my adventures, and a little translation work, since I’ve got a few multilingual projects growing in the shadows.

Let me know what you guys think, and I’ll see you on your pages, as well!