Life in intensive histology is trucking along.

Having an incredibly cool lab to rotate in – albeit with an uncommonly light project – is helping. We spent about 20 min of lab meeting trying to think of how to reconstruct fractal collapse patterns, then moved on to brainstorming how the B vs. T1 vs. T2 switch might be controlled, and wound up talking seriously about Klingon, fractal cake, and the impossibility of melanin pencils. I think it’s safe to say I’m in love with these people.

Still, there is a good chunk too much work to get done at any given time for histology, and it’s driving us all crazy. In self defense against defensins, a group of us slammed shut our books on Friday night, piled into my car, and trundled on down to New Roc City to see the Dark Knight in action. This was clearly the best choice.

Despite the Batman break, my brain is still pretty fried. Reading about the different percentages of mucous and serous acini in different salivary glands will claim me again in a moment. Before it does, however, I’d like to share some of what I was working on earlier today. Since I don’t have a scanner here, these are just cruddy photos, but I thought it would still be fun to post. The marine piece was a ton of fun at all stages and is pretty much finished to the point of cutting it off the block and mounting it. The Tempest piece has a little ways to go before I’m happy with the contrast. Any thoughts?

Tempest (in progress, small photo)

Tempest (in progress, small photo)
Yes, Ariel was truly imprisoned in an oak, but I chose a pine for both the play on “evergreen” and consistency with mediterranean flora. Well, that and how much it opened up the composition.

Sea's Revenge (small photo)

Sea’s Revenge (small photo)
The color palette here was strongly influenced by Dulac. The subject matter is another story entirely.