Welp. I just moved to the Bronx. For those of you who know what I’ve been up to, you know that this bodes an excellent, superlatively nerdy transition for me. For those of you I’ve not seen in a while, the news is that I’ve just realized my ambition of joining the super awesome folks at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as part of the Mad Scientist Training Program.

Hah. Sorry, that should have read ‘Medical.’

Anyway, classes are already underway and going swimmingly, with laboratory work to start next week. Basically, AECOM gave me about two months notice to quit my job and move halfway across the country, which is no small logistical feat. The long and short of it was that I ended up having to ship several things, including a fair portion of my art.

Unfortunately, some SOB in the post office ripped open the box, stole half the art, taped it back together, and sent it on. Fortunately, I had brought my in-progress works with me, but my framed & unframed original comics, a gift piece from the fantastic Lucy Lyall, a dedicated graduation piece from my calligrapher friend who passed away recently, my brass rubbings, postcards, and Plaid Avenger comics were among those pieces taken. As of tomorrow morning, I can begin educating the PO workers on what it means for someone to go postal, but until then, I have to simmer.

What I really want to do is break someone’s face. Lacking that, I decided to sort through some of the photographs I’ve taken around the world recently. The following post is installment 1.

Hope you enjoy. Any help (voodoo, karmic, or otherwise) in recovering my art would be much appreciated.