I need to apologize for two things:

1) I’ve been out of commission for several weeks due to mad science, and have neglected my update “schedule.”

2) Now that I am finally posting an update, it’s an inside joke.

Just kidding. I have to say that I drew this as a bit of personal amusement at how confoundingly simple and idiosyncratic humor can be. This is actually just one panel from a comic I was going to do about infuriating inside jokes, but since crazy science has been keeping me at work until the grand hours of the evening, it’s just isn’t going to get done. Here’s the gist of the comic, however:

How many times do you find yourself surfing the net, reading blogs/comics/facebook, when you come across an impenetrable run of comments all based on some inside joke that you couldn’t possibly have heard? You poke around for a bit (if you’re really dedicated) and perhaps ask someone to explain, but they’re usually to busy tittering to tell you what the hell is going on. Sooner or later you get pissed off and leave the site. Familiar, yes?

For my first several weeks at the lab, all one had to do to make the other techs crack up was keep a straight face and growl “Tarrrrrrrr.” I had no idea what was going on. After another few days of people laughing at my blank stares, Dana took pity and had Chris explain what was going on.

Believe me, you don’t want to know, either.

Chris' Tarr