This week’s Autoclave comic, here for your enjoyment.

So, the reason I haven’t really been posting regularly lately (there’s always a reason, isn’t there?) is that I just started two new jobs and have begun studying for the MCAT. The real snag about that last bit is that I don’t really want to be a doctor. I mean, sure, I’d probably make a decent surgeon since I’m so meticulous with a scalpel and the stitches, but my experiences with doctors are, on a balance, terrible. Incompetence is just a start. BUT, the non-AMA doctors I’ve met are amazing, my new PI (who’s an M.D. Ph.D.) is awesome, and there’s a lot of amazing ground to cover in medical research. Having a combined M.D. Ph.D. means you can do all that, helping and working with people directly. I think med school is worth it, for that.

This comic is about something that happens to all of us, in some manner or another. (Click the image for acceptable resolution).

Study Time, Story Time

Anyway, so that’s what’s up in examland. Now, about the lab. I’m gonna go all otaku for a moment here and just say OMG, I LOVE MY NEW LAB!! The project is awesome, the people are cool, the PI is great, the lab is chill, and I’m learning bucketloads about everything. No, seriously. Now I don’t just know what the protocols are, but how they work. Go ahead and ask me why some parasitology papers publish DMSO controls, or what the tricks are to preparing complete malaria media so that it lasts two months rather than two weeks. In this lab, people care about one very small, unpresuming word: why.

So, yeah, I’m a pretty happy camper right now 🙂