Deck the halls with books on fission
fa la la la laaa la laa laa la
‘Tis the season for revision
fa la la la laaa la laa laa la
yawn, we now are tired of reading
fa la laa la la laa laa laa la
still, we must make one more meeting
fa la la la laaa la laa laa la.

Yup, it’s that time of year, when your bum gets sore from multiple days on end spent sitting hunched over a laptop, tik tak typing away. Just to warm you post-grads with the comfy glow of schadenfreude, I just sent in 28 pages of political analysis on apartheid South Africa and the genocides in Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Last Friday I turned in a 10 page paper for the same class, just a few hours before an evolution exam(…for which I had just turned in another 6-pager), and Thursday I had a short story due along with about 37 or so pages of revisions. So, I get tomorrow off, but Thursday holds a Swahili final, and Friday is my Evolution final. I think my eyes may be welded to my laptop.

Any cool news from the outside world?