Well, I’m on the job-hunting, exam-prepping stage of the semester, so I figure I’ll just give you guys an art update that doesn’t actually draw time away from my studies. Yeah, I’m a total miser, I know 🙂

One of the major points in my critiques for the Umm Kwakiyya story (see two posts ago) was that, since I dumped my readers straight into the middle of a war zone and allowed the physical descriptions of setting to trickle in over the course of 14 pages, it was a little hard to visualize the opening setting. My classmates recommended that I add another illustration, possibly even a map, to deal with this, and this is what they got:

The House of Assad

It is a bit dashed (I had a 10 page paper and an exam due at the same time), but hopefully you get the picture, as it were. As a size reference, the lines in front of the water wheels are grated catwalks wide enough for perhaps 4 people to walk abreast.