Alright, so my tardiness and absence can be pretty much summed up by the following mini-comic.

a month in the life

I won’t be really free until Nov 19, when my thesis needs to be printed and turned in. So, of course, this week just had to be midterms. I swear they coordinate this.

Anyway,  here’s a sketch of a few characters from that story that’s due tomorrow. And yeah, if you’re getting a lovely, romantic impression from the random words that show up on the right, consider yourself thoroughly misled. The kid’s reminiscing about life before the bombs. It’s weird, but even though I laugh all the time and stroll around campus whistling and smiling at trees, my stories get darker every time. Enh, maybe it balances out in the long run. Hakuna matata, right?

Umm Kwakiyya characters

The characters are, from top to bottom: Rashida Hamzah, Amina Lubaya, Amani Lubaya, and Sameh Assad.

Also, a quick translational note: umm kwakiyya is probably not a phrase familiar to anyone who hasn’t studied the Sudan (i.e. me until this year). It translates to “Mother of Banditry” and was given to the first modern period of conflict in Darfur’s history. I’m pulling heavily from the conflicts in Chechnya, Serbia, and Sudan for this piece, hence the mix of Bantu and Arabic here.