I wish I had more time to devote to this, but I want to take even a few inadequate minutes to draw your attention to an issue that’s been tearing apart Tel Aviv. As if Netanyahu’s posturing against the Palestinian Authority were not enough (and, mark you, this is coming at a high cost to US politicians, in much the same way as the Iranian revolutionaries swung the 1980 presidential election), he now appears to be openly antagonizing Israel’s neighbors by requiring that all politicians in Israel swear fealty to a “Jewish State.” Were Netanyahu a more charismatic and competent politician, or simply in another part of history, delineating a Jewish state in opposition to a rising Islamic movement could work. Here and now, however, I worry that this will push moderate Muslims within Israel and in surrounding territories into the arms of the rapidly growing extremist movements. Already this nascent bill compromises our national security, or interests in the middle east, and, most immediately, the lives of our soldiers and aid workers in the region. Were this to pass the Knesset (Israel’s parliament), I doubt peace would ever be achieved with the Palestinian Authority. Of course, peace does not seem to be high on Netanyahu’s agenda; war solidifies his power.

For more on this, check out today’s BBC.