Right, so you remember how I drew the marionette after writing 14 pages for a 1 page fiction assignment? Well, the prof wasn’t actually mad about having to read it all, though I was somewhat sad to find that his comments were funnier than my stories. We’ve had two subsequent assignments off the same prompt, and while I was brooding over part III, these guys cropped up in my notebook. Why? I didn’t know them before Labor Day, and now they’ve overrun half my brain. It’s a little unfair, really.

Anyway, the prompt was a series of 10 “missed connections” ads from Craigslist, for which we had to write the scene from the point of view of the poster. Part II was writing the same scene from the point of view of the postee. Part III was what would happen if the two peops in the ad actually met up again. Me being me, this resulted in some fun with technicalities. And Turkish. Lots, and lots of Turkish. Which is ridiculous, because I don’t actually speak Turkish. Enh.

The characters with closeups actually get referenced by name in Part III.

The writing itself may go up here or on DA (where I’d have copyright) at some point soon. Read: not before I’ve had dinner.

And shhhhhhh! Don’t tell our prof I handwrite things first.