AUTOCLAVE comic day!

This weekend I spent primarily indoors (except for some notable time at the annual Japanese festival) because I am a dunce. Fortunately, I am a happy dunce. You see, what I goofed on was taking a broad interpretation of our fiction writing assignment. Apparently the phrase “your exercises” meant “you all (pl.)-as-a-class’s exercises” and did not actually mean that we were individually supposed to write to more than one of the provided prompts.

Then I got involved.

The long and the short of it is that I turned in 14 pages of integrated vignettes when our professor had been expecting a single page. Worse, this is the second time in a row that I’ve done this, and it has a way of making one embarrassed and unpopular among classmates at the same time as it throws a monkey wrench in your prof’s lesson plans.

After realizing my mistake, I drew this:


Oh, guess what? I’m also teaching myself to write and draw left-handed. That, too, remains embarrassing, but I’ll let you see some when it gets to be presentable.

Kwaheri ya kuonana!