Once again, I bring forth my failings for your enjoyment:

I just got an email forwarded from one of my Mom’s friends in study abroad who’s prepping for her trip to the UK. RadioShack was trying to convince her that she needed to buy two different converter plugs for UK outlets, so they decided to ask me before purchasing. In good faith, I emailed them back with all the info, but as I clicked send, I realized that I had just made a terrible, geekalicious pun. Behold the email:

Hi, Mom,

The only plug they should need for England is the 3-bladed (type G or BS 1363) one. The 3-pin (type D/type M or BS 546) is only used occasionally for central-switch domestic lighting, so they should never run across it.

Of course, if they plan on going to India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, or Ghana at some point, it might be worth buying one, as that’s the standard.

But yeah, RadioShack is full of BS 🙂


*facepalm* This may show up on Autoclave someday.