I’m still recovering from last week, which held about 25 hours of TAing, plus my regular lab schedule (with minion, who’s pretty close to graduating to henchman at this point) the rest of the week. The brain-rotting of intensive scientific doldrums was partially alleviated by coming out of the weekend on a strong note, having seen Hamlet twice out in Forest Park. That was probably the best Ophelia I’ll see. Honestly, the entire cast was incredible, and Hamlet himself…well, I’m no longer so bitter about missing Dr. Who and Jude Law.

We (being a lab rat, a psychologist, an operatic Frenchman, and a swim coach/nurse – you know,  the cool people) also stacked the front row of the free seats at the Muny for Beauty & the Beast Wednesday night. We spent the interim cracking jokes about subways, Elvis, and Anton Chekov’s poetry. An excellent night.

However, below is a conversation from day 1 of my TAship. I admire that these guys made it from here to prepping for teaching the courses in 5 days. Still, you may see why I’m still sleepwalking.

It was a long week.

Annotation Day 1

Annotation Day 1

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