Aw, SWEET! DC just went and created a comic exchange page on Tumblr, so you can now see both our comics in one place. I will of course continue to post mine here, but since DC is the one training to do comics for a living, I’m going to pimp both our new site, Autoclave, and DC’s professional site, which contains some pretty swank art.

There is, in fact, a story behind the name of Autoclave. It was born one night last semester when I’d just come back from an afternoon in the barrier facility and DC and I were sitting around the table, chilling. It went something like this:

“Man, so Paris was telling me today that the walk-in autoclave gets up to, like, 273ºF on the sterilization runs. I’d hate to get stuck in there.”

“That’s pretty hardcore.”

“Hah, that would be an awesome name for a metal band.”

“Heh, yeah, one of the Norwegian metalcore ones.  AUTOCLAAAAAAAVE!” *pumps the llama hand*

“Dude, if we ever make a band…”

Or something like that, anyway. Our first song was going to be 273 Degrees. And now, we haven’t a band, but we do have a comparably meaningful artistic statement budding on the net. Check it out and enjoy.