Here’s your Wednesday update a little early for a change. This guy is from earlier in the year, but I haven’t finished yet. I think the parking lot I’ve drawn in behind him could stand to change dimensions before being inked. As for why his name is Felix…well, I wish I could provide a logical explanation. It just is. At the time when I drew it, I modeled his face and eyes off mine – we researchers often look a little ragged – but the whole is divergent from the components.


This week I’ve been TAing a genomics workshop, which has been quite an interesting experience. According to my professor-students, I’m supposed to join their ranks someday – certainly not sure they’re exercising their best judgment there, especially since some of them were a little flustered at dinner when they found out I like theatre and linguistics. I get the feeling that if I’d pulled out my sketchbook over dessert, things would have gotten interesting. We talked politics instead.