Tomorrow I have a presentation to the faculty of Internal Medicine. Tonight, I have inks.

The first is from Easter – the prawn and spidey were done by my painting major roommate, while I did the Avatar one (by the way, I really wish I could get my hands on one of those swipey computer screens). Spiderman I turned upside down so that even though his face is now the wrong shape, he no longer looks like a Conor Oberst song. Incidentally, I just read that the tradition of a clown registering its makeup on eggs didn’t begin until 1949. Somehow I thought it went farther back than that, but I suppose Clowns International wasn’t about then to keep track of it all.

The pen drawing started out as a pencil sketch of Rosanne Cash. I have no idea why I did it, but when the pencils started smudging out I figured I might as well ink it in. The marker drawing shares the page with Rosanne, and was mostly a test of whether I could still make myself draw with color rather than line. As the hair attest, this was not an entirely successful venture.

More sketches later. Bed now.

Easter Egg Mugshots