Not that it’s surprising that I haven’t updated on my personal Wednesday schedule, but I still feel poorly about it. Also about not reading and listening to the things I ought to, including some of my buddies’ radio shows. Simon Colt, The Human Chord, and Sky Pirates! have been running on our campus station, KWUR, for a while now, and are available streaming;  the Davids (who seem to be behind suspiciously many projects around here) even set up iTunes podcast and an update blog, which I will hypocritically demand you all check out. It’s pretty sweet, but I just…well, I just never get out of lab. Thus I have no non-murine social life. I look forward to streaming these guys during dissection days this summer, though. Hopefully they can take that as a compliment.

At any rate, since I haven’t been forthcoming with the promised sketch updates, you get a bit of an oneiric explosion today. These are among the sketches I’ve been doing as study breaks, and those of you familiar with Louise’s fantastic Sky Pirates! poster will immediately recognize two reasons why I started off talking about KWUR. The other two are just some critters of my mind, mostly related to Johann’s universe (and trust me, they feature in it much more prominently than he ever will). Perhaps someday you’ll learn more about them. For now, please ignore the fact that my scanner and I disagree on the subjectivity of hue.

Full size, adjusted images will go up on DA after exams, if those don’t kill me first. Two down means only three to go, eh?