It’s a good thing I love biochem so much, since I’m getting an overdose. Four and a half hours today went towards dissecting 6 mice, since our collaborator removed the anesthetic from the fridge in order to comply with new DCM barrier regulations, which meant that it had degraded. With impeccable dramatic timing, the stockroom closed this week for “billing.” We both left the lab feeling like sustained subvocal growls.

The major overdose right now is from my genomics lab; I pushed myself to get my annotation finished early so I could spend the week working on papers for my other classes. However, after turning in 17 pages of draft on Friday, then despairing over sequence availability for ClustalW analysis, those of us who finished were given the luxury of helping our classmates complete their projects. It is important for our research effort to get as much data annotated as possible; thus, I was at work for 12 hours straight today, followed by 4 more hours of homework, and I still haven’t started the biochem paper for Friday. Brilliant. It just bites a bit that my work ethic led to an increase in workload rather than facilitating deadline compliance or the everpresent need for sleep (which then gets fulfilled during lecture). It also bites that, at my professor’s behest, I just wrote 50% of someone else’s final paper for only a mention in the acknowledgments section.

What saved the day were two excellent incidents:

1. I rode a camel

2. I saw Superman crossing the street at the hospital