Yipes. A day late (half day), a dollar short (many dollars*). However, you still get a sketch! This is an inking I did a few days ago, inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s portraits of his wife, Jaroslava. I actually wasn’t intending on posting her any time soon, since I’m playing around with coloring in PS Elements. However, I know jack all about CS4, much less Elements (why must it be incompatible with CS4 brush packs?), so the coloring might never actually happen. Hence Jaroslava’s dichromatic posting today.

Jaroslava inks crop

Jaroslava portrait inks

In my sketchbook she faces a page with pencils of Alphonse being sketchy, talking to what looks like a burly Czech hitman (not that Alphonse would ever have done so, but his hair is so fantastic and his eyes so sharp that I wanted to make him an archvillain/politician). That page is backed by another pencil, this time of one of my peripheral cranial characters waking up in a hospital ward, very displeased with how he got there. Apparently headaches are productive art time for me, and somehow I always wind up drawing this associated with the hospital. These guys might get inked and scanned in at some point, but that will depend on when I can hijack my roomie’s scanner again. Now that the shamelessly ineffectual baiting is done with, tune in next week for possible uploads!

In other news, I’m now in charge of x-rays for our lab and will apparently have to play senior tech this summer. To be honest, when I found out about each of those, my face couldn’t decide between mask of horror and raging laughter. We’re going from being one of the smallest hematology labs to one of the largest in the division in the space of a few months, and the newcomers will constitute the majority of our manpower. I suppose I can’t complain, as long as radiation safety comes back from vacation with my lead PPE before our next sample run. X-rays are cool, but insidious.

UPDATE: I just got funding for my research through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute!

Hisst! Here’s me totally failing at background layers in PSE:

Jaroslava background colors

*Thanks to medical insurance FAIL