sketch dudes

Alright for Wednesday! I must admit to loving the halfway point of the week, but, then again, that means you have fewer days left in which to finish the week’s work. This was complicated today by my PI putting me in charge of the digital x-rays, and setting me to prep our samples, which meant my spending the day in the sac lab and making up formalin. Nothing like the stench of 37% fomaldehyde to blur a gorgeous day.

Anyway, these were a few sketchy figure drawings that cropped up in my notes a while back. I draw people a lot these days because I’ve never been able to (other things have always been more interesting – like architecture, lizards, horses, and such). Generally they crop up on odd corners of problem sets, napkins, or schedules. Next week I might post some of the ones that appear on my bio notes, but we’ll see.