It appears that I’m late with this week’s Wednesday posting. Me late. Can you imagine that?

Anyway, I just came back from a day of wildly disparate experiences. I started the morning draping Aphrodite’s chiton for Metamorphoses, then got sopping wet walking in sideways rain to the metro, moved into my labcoat and a stint in the dissection lab, came back to work on a paper and a couple of problem sets, then found myself going to see Dana Leong with Milk & Jade. I can’t say enough good things about their style. It makes hiphop, Stomp, jazz, McFerrin, and Fleck all come together in an intense bout of musical vision. Just the ticket when you’re feeling down from life. Or any other time, really. Seriously, go check those dudes out.

The actual intended update (I swear I have things planned at least 5 minutes before they happen) is something I drew one grubby day in London, when all I really wanted was a hot, green afternoon and somewhere quiet to sleep it out. The result somewhat compromised between daydream and reality.



If you click the image, you will also see that this was an excuse for me to use green pencil in skin tones, as well.