As much as I love my roomies, I must say I’m giddy at having the flat to myself. Dishes get done, the place is aired and temperate, I can play Jacqueline Du Pré at full volume at 8am, and no one worries when I disappear for the day with my bike and leave my cell at home. Granted, the skyrocketing spirits owe a great deal to it being spring break and my grant being submitted. That and the weather is nice enough for me to bike absolutely everywhere and do my MCAT studying in the herpetarium. Today I think I may head South to the gardens, as well. The temperate house in the climatron would make an excellent study spot.

Apart from MCAT drudgery (I’ve been correcting the book as I go), life is incredibly abnormal. I’ve actually slept and eaten and gone to the movies and can remember my reasons for walking into a room. It’s a little creepy, to tell the truth. I also discovered a fantastic webcomic whose hero looks and acts suspiciously like one of my friends (he’s a graphic design major, too). The artist has an unerring sense of composition on top of catchy characters and good writing, so go check out Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name.

I’ve actually been doing a bit of art of my own, and thought that maybe I should start posting weekly sketches. As always, I’m open to critique and would appreciate it at any level, from the intellectually abstract to “dude, stick to biochemistry.” Anyway, here we go with some tattoo designs I did for one of my friends.

Tattoo Designs 6 Mar 2010

Tattoo Designs 6 Mar 2010

I briefly considered researching the totems of the Pacific Northwest to use as compass points, but I wasn’t really sure that they would be distinguishable in a small-size tattoo. Personally, If I got a tattoo, it’d be a torque of bars from Dvorak’s New World Symphony, but I have a pretty robust dislike for other people waving needles about, so I guess that one’s a moot point. Anyway, check back Wednesday for more tales from the sketchbook! You know you want to (laugh at them).

EDIT: I went ahead and put this and some of the subsequent refinements up on my DA account, if you’re interested.