Cresting into the evening here on 2 hours of sleep, a cup of tea, and (finally!) a bowl of soup, I decided I might as well share at least one of my tormentors. On the bright side, I got my problem set, research proposal, cv, transcripts, research paper, project files and fosmid presentation all turned in. Were it not for the horrors of formatting figures in MS Word, this would never have posed such difficulty. Nevertheless, I persevere for the moment. On a further bright note, I was late to biochemistry because I was playing with a husky named Bode while discussing the politics of soil economy and biofuels with a visiting faculty member. To cap it all off, my research supervisor gave me a thumbs up for reasoning during my presentation and asked me to present a second time for the sequencing center director, and none of the professionals had any criticisms of my work.  So I guess it payed off. Still, I wish this meant that I actually got time off (no such luck: the SURF grant is due Wednesday).

Oh, and it turns out that the post office was holding two boxes of Girl Scout cookies for me. It’s the truly important things in life that make up for all these petty scamperings.