So I’m now working for MKI as an idea bouncer on their Health Passport program. Also, I’m back doing literacy tutoring and so have four new best buddies on Fridays. It feels good to be doing something useful again, but whenever I meet a middleschooler who has difficulty reading three and four-letter words, I’m overcome with the desire to be more fundamentally helpful by having it out with the with the nuts running our schools. Of course, there are intervention points even further upstream of those suckers, but the citizens of this fine country would rather vote against those and wall their neighborhoods instead. It brings to mind a Paul O’Neill quote I ran across when reading the script to TSO’s new rock opera, of all places:

“…In truth there are only two types of humans: those of good will, who care about others and those who care only about themselves. The latter like to divide the world into us and them. But in the truly great battles of humanity, you fight for everyone or you fight for no-one.

…And most importantly, like Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie or George Orwell, if you do make a mistake in your life, announce it as loudly as your triumphs, so that others do not have to make the same errors.”