Study Break!

Halloween was quite a success, lasting for two full days. Friday I went as a young Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace, sideburns, spectacles, and all. Despite the sideburns being only makeup, I got a number of compliments on my majestic facial hair. No one recognized me at the lab, either. Dr. Bessler actually came in to tell my boss that some strange guy had come in and taken stuff from the lockbox. Maybe I should start doing makeup for the theater, after all. Saturday was fun, too, since I went as a hybrid of Morpheus and Death, two of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman series. It was a pretty death-esque costume, but had a definite dreaming cape that I cobbled together out of a few velveteen dresses that I picked up down at the second hand place. The eyeliner was, uh, inexpert at a generous description (stage makeup, yes; real makeup not so much), but with the wig and dim outdoor light it apparently did pretty well. It’s always amazing how easily you can fool the human eye, isn’t it? All you have to do is suggest a shadow and the mind fills in the rest. A line here and your eyes slant almond, a smudge there and they become cavernous. It’s remarkably fun to play with, really.

For those of you who may find yourselves around St. Louis on some future Halloween, there’s an excellent street party down in the west end – Euclid is closed off from Lindell all the way past the Drunken Fish, and everyone comes out in costume. There are lights, music, contests, lots of people, perhaps a little too much ale, and some fantastically creative costumes. There weren’t as many Michael Jacksons as one might expect, but there were a rubik’s cube, a rabbit pulling a magician out of a hat, 2 Where’s Waldos, and the dancing porcine troupe of H1N1 fairies. Even if Sam (aka the mighty Hulk, Bruce Banner) and I both froze our buns off, it was great costume spotting, and we got jumped by a group of comic fans for pictures. Fun times.

By far the best part of the weekend, though, was finding out that there had been a big oops on my initial diagnosis, and I don’t have cancer, after all. WOOT! Of course, this puts us back to the we-have-no-idea-what-it-is-or why-it’s-doing-that stage, and I still have to spend the next 2 weeks balancing academic and medical exams, but that’s one endpoint I’m glad to see the back of.