Here’s a second, more user-friendly stab at Hitler’s fearsome, catastrophic love affair with Galton’s eugenics program. As you can see, I don’t truck with “social darwinism” or any other form of racism. There will be more where this came from, though since this is a celebration of Origin and its author, most of the remaining weeks are happy and comedic. Props to anyone bold enough to comment in haiku 🙂

Adolf read Galton
those baseless misconceptions
what if he had not?

Over on KTS, I think I titled this “War and Peace” in a moment of sleep-deprived witlessness. I’m still sleep-deprived, as always (did you know that increases your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease? I’m hoping the language study, cinnamon, and crosswords will counterbalance these unwilling nocturnal tendencies), but “Delusions II” can’t be any worse. None of these get titled on the bio-ku wall.