Funny title, that. Our one day of fall break was this past Freitag, and I celebrated by sleeping in 3 hours (my flatmate tells me that 9 o’clock is not sleeping in, but my room, my rules). Then of course there were TB tests and problem sets and readings to be done, but that didn’t stop me from procrastinating by making dinner for my best friends, getting an overdue haircut, doing a few Will Shortz crosswords, and catching up on my Gaiman & Pratchett reading. I hadn’t read for pleasure in so long that I was worried I’d forgotten how. As much as I thrill in my thesis work, being in the lab until 6 or 7 every night, then coming home to work into the decently-sized hours of the morning has constricted my downtime and exacted punishment on my sanity. More bits of Aestir and Finch (and, right now, Johann) have started piling up and badgering the busier parts of my mind, so they might have to meet paper over our next break, though that will be a while in coming. I wonder what happens when a little sliver of yourself that’s as idiosyncratically brilliant as Finch barges into your waking life? It might not be so bad, really. We get along inside my head (probably because neither of us labors under the illusion that I have anything to do with his evolution these days), and he would be really handy about the lab. Maybe if I refuse to write things down for long enough all those ideas will build up to the flash point of reality and manifest in this world. That…would be tres cool.

I should probably apologize for that weird stream of words up there, but I’d imagine you all are used to this sort of thing by now. At any rate, have a lovely week, and tune in again for this week’s DHW!